The Metal Frame With Spherical Lens Of Cool Style Sunglasses For UK Men With Best Sales

Here I want to talk about the difference of spherical and non spherical surface of the lens of the sunglasses for UK men.Spherical lens has excellent impact resistance, safe and durable. Aspherical lenses lighter, thinner and more smooth, edge aberration reduced to the lowest, wide field of vision, clear vision of nature.

sunglasses for men1

The edge of aspherical is to be thinner than conventional spherical lens of sunglasses with best sales and both sides of the deformation of the object is completely different, traditional lens aberration in the center of the lens, small and peripheral significantly, especially a high number of lenses, non spherical lens is the largest decrease lens perspective, reducing lens aberration and is light and beautiful. The ultra thin and ultra light characteristic of the non spherical lens can increase the comfort of wearing glasses, and is especially suitable for the elderly and the high myopia people.

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Simple identification method: observation with the naked eye, compared to the same materials and the degree of spherical and non spherical.The aspherical lens (EEOC), thinner, depending on the material more vivid of cheap sunglasses, more natural and comfortable. In the face of the tube to watch the lens coating shape, generally spherical lens reflection of the lamp tube is straight (higher than the lens of the lens except), and non spherical lenses due to different parts of the curvature of the surface, the tube shape bending.

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